MOza art is my dream, it was inspired me a lot, and i'm from Sabak Bernam, Selangor (Malaysia). Started my own photography carier from just a hobby since 2010 then developed and upgrade from time to time. Now study at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris(UPSI) as student of education bachelor degree business and entrepreneurship. I love to collect beautiful emotional moment and I decide to have more moment from your super duper beautiful days. Lastly, LET's MAKE YOUR OWN STORY BOOK!=)

only shoot for : wedding /// engaged /// convo
im newbie in shoot (potrait /// baby /// pre- wedd /// family) but if you request, im very..very..very appreciate=D

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Campus session /// ikon korporat UPSI

~~THANKZ GENG b’coz memberi kerjasama yang gila2 sepanjang aku ngan geng GF menyiapkan tugasan 2 minggu yang rushing.. for AIN MATEZ, A’AR aliff, MI OWN, IZYAN, MAT FREUD, AZMAN, WAN, DANCY, SALWAH, ATEP..semua yang aku lupa sebut..thx beb!!~~by the way sory lah aku just upload yang aku rase nak upload jer..mahaha!!~~

>>kepada sifu saya..KAK HAS..halalkan segala ilmu..ngee..Kak Has sangat sporting+relekz jer..
>>Owh PUAN MAMA..(marini lah..hehe)..THANK JUA<<
>>to ADNAN..tgk..aku xlupa ko per der..<<

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